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How to download the app on your cell phone, in three simple steps

by drbyos

For a few weeks, PAMI launched its digital credentialwith the aim of expediting the procedures for retirees and pensioners affiliated with the state social work. This determination is added to the one already planned at the national level on digital medical prescriptionsto manage through online media.

To access the benefits of PAMI digitallyit is necessary download the application of the social work on the cell phonewhich can be solved in simple steps.

As explained by the press of AMONG, the app is similar to whatsapp and, once installed, it can be used as many times as needed, since It is free and takes up little space in the memory of cell phones.

Step by step, how to download the PAMI app on your cell phone

To download to the PAMI appit is only necessary to comply with three simple steps:

+ First, you have to enter the mobile store of your cell phone. If you have android will be in play storewhile if you have iPhone you can manage it through the App Store.

+ Once there, you look for the application in the store by writing the word PAMI in the “lupita”.

+ you press install and download immediately.

+ Once inside the app, you will have to register with your data indicated in PAMIto easily access the services of the social work.

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