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how to delete a message without opening the chat

by drbyos

The application WhatsAppone of the most popular messengers in the world that allows its users to send and receive messages, photos, audio and make free calls.

One of its most used tools is “delete message” but to use it you have to enter the corresponding chat. However, there are several ways to delete whatsapp messages without reading or opening them.

WhatsApp: how to delete an entire chat without entering the conversation

One of the most common and easiest ways to delete a WhatsApp message without opening it is delete all history of cat.

– Open the WhatsApp application.

– Search for the chat you want to delete.

– Long press on the chat and click on the trash can icon. On iOS, tap “Remove chat from options list«.

WhatsApp: how to delete a message with airplane mode

This way is a solution to delete a message without opening it and without the other person finding out.

– Before starting with the steps, you have to close WhatsApp.

– Go to phone settings and select “Airplane mode«.

– Then open the WhatsApp application.

– Find the chat and open the message.

– Touch and hold the message and touch the icon of the paper bin to delete the message.

– After deleting the message, close WhatsApp and make sure it is not running on background.

– Finally, to switch off Airplane mode.

WhatsApp: how to use temporary messages

The application launched the function of «disappearing messages» to provide users with an additional layer of privacy y security. Disappearing messages allow you to delete messages after a period of time. automatic.

– Open WhatsApp.

– Search for the chat in which you want to activate the function.

– Touch the name of the contact and select “Disappearing messages”.

– On the disappearing messages screen, under Message Timer, choose the period you prefer between 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.

WhatsApp: how to deactivate the seen

Al deactivate the checkedNot only you can have a sense of privacy by being able to read the message when you want, but you also prevent others from knowing if what you read.

– Open WhatsApp.

– Go to Settings.

– On the Settings screen, select Account, and on the next screen, choose Privacy.

– In Privacy, disable “Read or seen receipts”.

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