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How much does it cost to ski on the Mendoza hill this winter?

by drbyos

After a long wait, The ski center located in the south of Mendoza, Las Leñas, confirmed its opening for next Saturday, July 8, which coincides with the start of the winter holidays in the province.

Fernando Passano, manager of Mountain Activities, spoke on MDZ Radio and gave details of what will be the start of the 2023 winter season: “We have had snow for a long time in sector 1, which is the one that reaches the highest part of the mountain. The descent of Apollo and Jupiter have a meter and a half of very beautiful snow; in the middle of the mountains the conditions change because we are not having the cold temperatures that we had to have for these times, but fortunately with artificial snow we can start with sector 1 so that people start skiing”.

In a first instance, the opening was scheduled for the extra-long weekend of June 20; however, the lack of snow forced the inauguration of the winter season in Las Leñas to be moved to July 1. Despite the expectations and the urgency to start the activities, it had to be postponed again.

The ski center is located in the valley of the same name, with a complex that is located 95 km from the city of Malargüe, and is one of the most important in the countrynot only for its skiable virtues but also for being a benchmark in snowboarding.

The base is 2,240 m above sea level and its summit is 3,430 m. It has 30 slopes, 8 snow groomers and a modern snow-making system. Visitors also have five hotels, a hostel, apartments, apparts and different places with varied gastronomy.

Among the activities, the school of skiing for adults and children, night skiing and the Adventure Park to enjoy the snow without having to ski (there is rental of clothes and sleds, drugstore and recreational spaces).

Ski pass prices in Las Leñas

Although the rates may vary, at the moment the published prices are: Low season: $12,000 for the daily pass or $9,200 for half a day (general); for children from 6 to 11 years old, the daily is $9,800 and $7,400 for half a day.

in shoulder season, the general value at $15,700 (day pass) and $13,400 (half day); $12,600 (daily) and $9,600 (half day) for minors.

There are Ski Week programs (7 days) that are around $63,600 (generally low), $82,300 (medium) and $93,500 (high); while for minors, $50,900, $65,900 and $74,800; as there are also other programs of less and more days. Information Tel.: (011) 4819-6060/6000.

In addition, those who want to pay for the entire season, the pass will have a value of $455,300 for seniors and $364,300 for minors.

Staying in Las Leñas: rates

The different hotels that belong to the ski center offer promotions to stay with half board and passes.

Pisces Hotel: 3 nights / 4 days $192,060 or 4 nights / 5 days $194,160.

Aquarius Hotel: 3 nights/ 4 days $158,530 or 4 nights/ 5 days $160,630.

Virgo Hotel & Spa: 7 nights in double rooms with views of the slopes for approximately $999,900. A room for two adults and two children is approximately $1,666,500.

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