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How much do you have to pay ANSES to retire without contributions

by drbyos

Con regulation 27,705 approved in February of this year, baptized as “the new moratorium”will allow those people who do not have the 30 years of contributions required by the National Social Security Administrationthe possibility of retire equally.

However, to whom adhere to this benefit will be charged a small percentagewhich were updated from February and today they are higher than at the beginningas reported by ANSES.

Pension moratorium: how much are charged for early retirement?

In February, the unit of payment for those adhering to this benefit was $5,729.97. At the moment, this value increased to $6.928,67.

However, the monthly fee will depend how many years of contributions are due and of in how many installments it is decided to pay them. For example, if a person had contributed to the pension system for 15 years, and had to regularize another 15you will have to pay for the 80 months that did not contribute.

Early retirement: why the moratorium payment increased

As soon as the moratorium came out, it was explained that the payment for each month of contribution not made during the years in activity, it had to be at least $5,729.97. That number corresponds to 29% of the minimum taxable remunerationthat is, the “salary” from which people contribute to the retirement system.

But, the minimum taxable remuneration increased with the increase in retirements that occurred in Juneproduct of the Mobility Law, and that led to the new fee to $6,928.67.

In this way, when increase pensions the beneficiaries of the moratorium will see how the fee is updated by the same percentageuntil complete the payment plan they agreed with the agency.

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