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How Elisa Carrió continues after suffering a decompensation in Santa Fe

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Ayer, Elisa Carrió – leader of the Civic Coalition – decompensated during a tour of Santa Fe and had to be transferred to a health center to be attended. From the medical direction of the Esperanza sanatorium they reported that the political leader Elisa Carrió suffered a transient ischemic attack and is stable. She will remain hospitalized until they conclude with further studies.

Elisa Carrió is hospitalized for observation in the city of Esperanza, Santa Fe, after feeling dizzy and some muscle pain. He is fine and is going to wait for the doctors to indicate the steps to follow »they indicated to Argentine News sources close to the former deputy.

Meanwhile, the candidate for provincial deputy Lucila Lehmann cIt was said that they were having lunch when the former deputy began to feel discomfort and pain in her chest.

«She had a decompensation and they decided to take her to the sanatorium to do some studies. Alright. We were having lunch after a tour, she felt dizzy and severe pain on the left side of her chestLehman said.

According to the doctor and owner of the Esperanza Sanatorium, Dr. Esteban Fregona, Carrió (66) is in good general condition, stable and in good spirits.

Initially, it had been reported that, at the request of the patient herself, she was going to be transferred to a sanatorium in the city of Buenos Aires. However, in the afternoon it was specified that Carrió herself changed her plans. The former deputy will remain hospitalized until other medical studies are carried out.

Before decompensation, Carrió had been together with the pre-candidate for governor of his space, Eduardo Maradona, Lehmann and the pre-candidate for councilor for the city of Santa Fe Inés Masino, in addition to the candidates for provincial senators.

Elisa Carrió: strong complaints before the decompensation

“This obscene campaign must be investigated,” warned the leader of the CC.

By signing a document before a notary public, the CC candidates expressed their willingness to renounce all kinds of economic privileges and the use of funds managed discretionally and without transparency, if they were elected after the July 16 elections.

“Here an agreement has been signed where all the senators and representatives agree to renounce all the privileges and all the money they receive under the excuse of ‘institutional strengthening’. There are departmental senators who are the knot of corruption and links to drug trafficking in the Province of Santa Fe. If not, the cover-up is not explained to (the
senator, Armando) Traferri,” said Carrió.

«Tomorrow the minutes will be already registered. It seems to me that this is the greatest gesture of willingness to put an end to a policy that claims to be renewed, but that maintains its scandalous privilege, even with senators who have occupied seats for more than thirty years.. There is no other place in the nation with a scandal of this magnitude, with this immunity from prosecution. I have never seen a campaign, in thirty years of political life, with this obscene money scandal. The other day I got upset in Rosario, because each large billboard costs 1,800,000 pesos and there were five per block, the sextuples cost 400,000 and you have twenty per block, while people are dying of hunger or crime. I felt disgust“Added Carrió.

In that sense, he stated: “This campaign is obscene. Where does so much money come from? Who pays for this campaign? To whom do they owe these favors? It may be from drug trafficking and the electoral justice has to investigate it.

In the same document, the CC candidates also pledged to comply with article 263 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Province of Santa Fe, regarding the obligation to report crimes prosecutable ex officio, especially those crimes against the public administration and for acts of corruption, such as all those related to crimes of drug trafficking and drug trafficking.

In addition, they promised the indeclinable resignation of elective positions in the event of criminal charges or prosecution.

“They are all going to violence,” said Elisa Carrió

«I ask that people vote for the Cambia Santa Fe list that has Eduardo Maradona as governor, that has Inés Masino as a candidate for councilor and above all, that it has Lucila Lehmann heading the list of Provincial Deputies, who was a national deputy and who was the only leader of mine from Santa Fe who made all the complaints and that I accompanied. And this is the last thing I do because from now on, if you get confused, if so many posters confuse you, you will be wrong and wrong. I see people lost, I see them confused“Added Carrió.

“They are all going to violence. Don’t go to extremes. I really have chills. Violence, more violence is
guerra. This is a disastrous cultural tradition that we have,” he concluded.

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