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He stole items from a Neuquén ministry and sold them, he was delayed

by drbyos

A 30-year-old man was delayed after it was discovered that he had items stolen from the ministerial center de Neuquén (CAM) located in Antarctica Argentina 1245. In addition, it was found that he was selling things through Facebook.

The operation began after the weekend cables, winches, generators and other elements were removed from a warehouse in the space where several ministries work. This fact was denounced on Monday and as a result of that the investigations began that coincided with the offer of articles with similar characteristics on social networks.

The investigation ended with two raids prosecuted by the Department of Crimes against Property and Special Lawsin homes that are a few meters from the CAM offices in the neighborhood Falkland Islands.

“In one of the houses there was nothing, but in another we found a large number of reported elements”, said a police source. Among them, rolls of cables, a winch for telecommunications tasks, beacons, a generator set, and a cover with a Toyota Hilux truck tire.

According to reports, several of the stolen things were part of Provincial Office of Information and Communication Technologies (OPTIC). The Ministry of Health also works in these dependencies, among others.

Regarding the delayed It was learned that he had an arrest warrant for another act of robbery and that he will remain at the police station until this Wednesday.when you must appear before the Prosecutor’s Office.

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