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Gutiérrez highlighted the consensus for energy sovereignty

by drbyos

Coinciding with Flag Day, the process of sweeping and filling the first 29 kilometers of the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline began. It is estimated that the task will take about 20 days, so the official inauguration will be on July 9. The governor of Neuquen, Omar Gutiérrez celebrated the construction of consensus to achieve energy sovereignty and foreign currency savings.

Gutiérrez referred to the beginning of the pressurization of the new gas pipeline during the Day of the Flag and pointed out that “today we are being coherent with Manuel Belgrano” given the need to “build agreements and consensus to achieve the country’s energy sovereignty”.

“It is an important day because we are being consistent with Belgrano, because the result of the meeting, integration and consensus of the national and provincial governments, of the private and public sectors, we are taking steps in terms of energy sovereigntya, connecting production with consumption, transporting and valuing our gas to the north of the country”, he stressed.

Indeed, today, June 20, the sweeping and filling of the gas pipeline that connects Tratayén in Neuquén with Salliqueló in Buenos Aires began. “This work was the product of a public and private articulation through a law sanctioned by the National Congress; and that generated a great work revolution”, added Gutiérrez.

The first section of 573 kilometers of the channel will be filled progressively, in a period of 18 days that will begin today and end on Saturday, July 8. initially the spout will be able to transport about 11 million cubic meters of gas per day (MMm3/d). Later, with the commissioning of the compression plants, they will double the transport capacity of the pipeline to bring it to 22 MMm3/d.

It is important to continue working because there is an unfinished work in the south that makes new connections impossible in the south of our province, which prevents us from supplying gas to new connections”, recalled the president.

The governor referred to the investment required for the construction of the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline, which was 2,000 million dollars: “this year the foreign exchange savings will be 2,100 million dollars, already higher than the investment, while next year it will save more than 4,000 million dollars”, he explained.

“We are leaving a province with planning for 2030, this year 8,000 million dollars will be invested, but we have to continue working and building consensus to accelerate the curve of production and transportation of hydrocarbons”, he closed.

The statements were made during the act to commemorate the creator of the flag Manuel Belgrano. Security forces, political leaders, provincial and municipal government officials and Falklands veterans participated.

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