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Google celebrates its 18th anniversary

by drbyos

With balloons and candles, Google celebrates this September 27, 18 years of having been created. And, he does it with a hilarious ‘doodle’ that simulates a big birthday party.

On the Google home page, he shows the company logo blowing up balloons, using whistles and birthday hats. This doodle was designed by the American artist Gerben Steenk.

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who met at Stanford University in 1995. And two years later, at just 21 and 22, respectively, they created the famous search engine under the name BackRub.

On September 4, the company was founded and on September 27, BackRub was released on the Internet. This search engine, which would later be called Google, is considered the most important in the world.

With more than a million servers and data centers around the world, Google is capable of processing more than 1 billion search requests every day.

Google’s new anniversary finds the company in perfect financial shape, grown into a global corporation that provides many more services than just Internet search and as one of the most famous and valued brands in the world.

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