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Google bets on Central America

by drbyos

Google held the Think 2016 event in Panama last Tuesday, with the aim of publicizing the products it offers to Central Americans, its work in the region and sharing the results of Think Insights 2016 Central America.

The conference -which was held at the Hilton Hotel- was attended by more than 200 attendees including clients, partners, businessmen and the media.

Google highlighted that Central America has great digital and mobile dynamism, which is key for the online ecosystem.

“The Midwest is important to Google. We have useful tools for businesses to venture into the digital part, but we also work to improve the quality of our products every day, so that consumers and those of our clients have access to what they need and when they need it” said Giovanni Stella, Google’s manager for Central America and the Caribbean.

The study presented during the event shows how 38% of people in the region use the Internet more to make price comparisons. Thus, once you search to buy, in 90% of cases you end up making the purchase, either at the time or later; and 92% consider it very important to search the internet before making the purchase.

It also indicates that curiosity is stronger in young people with 53%, and decreases inversely proportionally with age (15% in those over 45 years of age), a situation that occurs much more in women 43% vs. men 32%.

In addition, it shows that the main reasons for searches are due to the need to be updated (52%) and 38% out of curiosity.

On the other hand, 75% of the region’s population believes that searching the internet before making a purchase makes life easier. In addition to this, on the subject of travel and tourism, the study showed that 55% of the population seeks to relax, while 25% want to discover new places.

The closure of the activity was in charge of Francisco Solsona and Luis Gaitán, leader in the Developers platform and Head Creative Google Mexico, respectively.

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