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Gonzalo Montiel was charged in a case for sexual abuse

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Gonzalo Montiel was charged in the case for sexual abuse which was known in March. The Argentine national team player declared in the Functional Unit No. 3 of La Matanza and then he was notified of the ruling by the Justice.

The side of Seville was charged with the crime of sexual abuse with carnal access, aggravated by the participation of two or more people. The event would have occurred January 1, 2019 when they celebrated Montiel’s birthday at his house in Virrey del Pino, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Matanza.

As stated in the letter: “We proceed to notify him of the rights regulated in Article 60 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Province of Buenos Aires, letting him know the nature and charges that are imputed to him.as well as the right to communicate freely with a lawyer of their choice.

For its part, it was confirmed that the victim —identity reserved— will give a statement again next Thursday, June 22.

The complaint was ratified by the victim on March 31, sponsored by her lawyer Raquel Herminia Legend. At the same time, the family is accused of threatening the victim so that she does not talk about what happened.

What did Montiel say in his statement?

The 26-year-old, sponsored by lawyers Matías Aquino and Nicolás Payarola, gave testimony in the Functional Unit for Investigation and Trial Specialized in Crimes derived from Family and Gender Violence and Crimes against Sexual Integrity No. 3 of La Matanza, to charge of the prosecutor Luis Alberto Brogna. He said that he met the victim a few months ago, they went to her apartment in the Federal Capital and had “consensual sexual relations”

In turn, (referring to what would have happened in January 2019) he mentioned that he returned to his home around 7 and 8 in the morning, after having taken a friend to his house and that he saw everyone guests outside your home.

«My mother and my friends begin to tell me that C. (the victim) she would scream angrily and say that it was all my fault because I had not taken care of her; I did not understand what she was referring to »Montiel said. Then he added: “They told me that Alexis had taken her to her house, and that before they had been in my dad’s car, which was parked inside the house.” However, he confessed not to know this person.

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