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Gloria Ruiz does not give in, today they present their candidate for mayor

by drbyos

The current mayor of plotter and Lieutenant Governor-elect, Gloria Ruiz, does not seem to have given in the negotiation of the candidate to succeed her in the elections on September 3: for today she called a press conference in which she will announce her secretary Luis Bertolini as postulant by the Citizen Development party.

The presentation will be in charge of the group, according to the invitation that was sent to the press and the public for 7:00 p.m. in an event hall in the city. Whether or not the governor-elect, Rolando Figueroa, will attendIt was something about which there was no information yesterday.

The definition of lists for Plottier will finish unveiling only on Monday, when the groups formalize the candidacies in the electoral justice, and the main tussle occurs today with the current mayor.

As you are reporting BLACK RIVER Journal, Ruiz wants it to be a person from his cabinet who postulates as continuity of the management that she started in 2019, but from the Community and the rest of the sectors linked to role-playing it was suggested that it is Juliet Corrozaterritorial setter of Figueroa and former candidate in the town, who best measures to face the challenge.

Elections in Plottier: Rolando Figueroa and a key meeting

As this newspaper learned, a key meeting was expected last night, without Ruiz, to finish deciding whether to give Bertolini a free pass or confirm the nomination of “the strongest candidate”, even against her own unity. “He is going to order forward and generate a game of forces with Gloria’s candidate”indicated yesterday a source with interest in making that candidacy come true.

It is that it was speculated that Corroza could unite behind his figure other eventual candidates such as Andres Peressiniwho would be willing to get out of the mayoral dispute to accompany her, in addition to the MPN candidate, Sergio Soto.

According to the electoral schedule, there will be time to present the lists until Monday, the same term as for the Rincón de los Sauces election. The campaign will formally begin on July 5.

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