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Funes admits to having disrespected Vanda Pignato

by drbyos

Through a Twitter post, the fugitive and former president of El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, apologized to the former first lady of the Republic, Vanda Pignato, for the “mistakes” he made when he was president of the country.

«I made mistakes as President. I do not deny it. But these have to do with personal excesses, not with acts of corruption or with the illegal acts that they impute to me. My biggest mistake was disrespecting the First Lady. I am deeply sorry and I hope she has her forgiveness,” said Funes.

Funes accepted that he made various mistakes during his tenure, but that these had to do with “personal excesses” and not with acts of corruption.

In addition, he added: “It is unfair that Vanda is persecuted for a crime she did not commit. All the money for her personal expenses was provided by me while she was my wife. If the FGR questions the origin of that money, I am the one who should be prosecuted. The charges he faces are revenge.”

On May 29, Funes was sentenced to 14 years in prison and David Munguía Payés, former Minister of Justice and Security, received an 18-year sentence, both for facilitating and negotiating with gangs during the truce of 2012 and 2013. Funes, who lives in asylum in Nicaragua, received 8 years in prison for illegal groups and 6 years for breach of duty.

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