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From Roca to the billboard with Esther Goris, a dream come true for Nayla Golvas

by drbyos

Nayla Golvas is living a dream that she began to imagine from a very young age while walking through the dusty streets of Roca and played some special role in a play or on television.

It is that this life project was so intense that it led her from a very young age to move to the big city to advance in an artistic career that would give her the opportunity to succeed on the big and bright stages.

His name is already striking and They might even imagine that it is artistic, but she says -between smiles- that it actually has to do with her Russian and Arab origins, and that her relatives have already known how to interpret it in different ways.
“I’m used to having it changed”, he told in the middle of a chat with Río Negro.

A dream
For the 25-year-old artist, it was not an easy path, but deep down she knew that she had to make important decisions to achieve that dream.
“We are from Mendoza and because of a work issue for my father we came to live in Roca”counted.

For Nayla, sharing the stage with the artists was an immense joy. The play could return at any time, she said. photo: courtesy

in the family home art was always breathed since his father, Darío Golvas and one of his brothers are musicians while his mother, Ana García, was a “flamenco dancer” in her childhood.

Maybe it was there, between costumes and wigs. In the midst of photos in the square and long walks hand in hand with her parents, she was gestating the idea of ​​being an actress..

«I started classical dance at the age of 8, I was also in a children’s choir at IUPA. Although they have a very nice formation, as the years went by I felt the pressure and I was very young, so I decided to leave and enjoy my childhood more,” she said.

It was so that when I already had 11 years old he found his place in the world or rather in the theater.

«With the time that I had free, I decided to do a theater workshop at Casa de la Cultura with Licia Schmidt and Emiliano Sánchez. We were children and they encouraged us so much that an independent theater group came out. We did a lot of plays and gave a lot of performances”he remembered with great tenderness.
That apprenticeship was the initial step to begin to imagine that her future was going to be related to acting. “It was a before and after,” he explained..

The match

At 17, Nayla She had already defined that she was going to be an actress and she focused all her energy on that project beyond what life itself was proposing..

Before travelling was selected for a fiction produced by INCAA and Bará Audiovisual Producer that was filmed in Chos Malal and Tricao Malalwhich was called Once upon a time in Patagonia.

Thanks to that job I was able to pay for the first months of rent in the residence where I lived when I came to Buenos Aires

Nayla Golves, actress of Rock.

Although she is still pursuing her career, Nayla had the great opportunity to work with Esther Goris, the renowned actress and singer. “They had been doing the play Dispossession but Barbie Velez was pregnant and after four months she decided to leave her. That’s where the possibility arose with the producer Victoriano Pollola, ”she said, still excited.

The proposal It was first for four functions, then it was the rest of the month and finally it was several months, he said.

I was in a dream. I could not believe it. Esther’s warmth is incredible up and down the stage. Every time we went back to the dressing room she told me ‘you broke it’; which allowed me to adapt more and more to the work»

Nayla Golvas, actress of Roca.

Nayla knows that this is the beginning of a dream that began to take shape several years ago. And now, together with an independent theater group (see rec, her) she already plans to appear before her audience, in Roca, who saw her grow from a very young age.

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«Dispossession» and «That which we (not) say».

Nayla already shared the stage with Esther Goris in the play “Dispossession” which was on the billboard until December last year. And he did not rule out that he could return to the scene at any time.
There he worked with Fabio Di Tomaso and Mauro Francisco. The direction was in charge of Diego Rinaldi. His incorporation into the cast came about thanks to the recommendation of Victoriano Pololla who assisted in directing and is Executive Producer within the production company of Alberto Raimundo’s Circus Entertainment Group.

But like Nayla He likes to dream big, now he is planning to return to Roca with “Eso que (no) decimos” which is currently being presented at the Espacio Cultura TER

“It is an independent play. The author is Max Luppino and it is directed by Luciana Barboza », he recounted. There she shares the cast with Agus Barrasa, Fer Niño, Max Luppino, Pato Citron and Ras Tute.

«Now we are in Floresta, one block from the Rivadavia theater. We are a cast that banked on the production so we are looking for financing to take it to Roca“he counted.

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