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Four processing units for the Vakinankaratra

by drbyos

The establishment of industrial processing units in the districts continues. It is the turn of the Vakinankaratra to benefit from it.

Great first for Betafo and Faratsiho. These two towns were equipped with their very first factory in history. It took 63 years after independence to see these two very productive municipalities have an industrial processing unit thanks to the “One District One Factory” project and the establishment of industrial incubator zones. A development policy led by the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Consumption. Four districts of Vakinankaratra were honored on Thursday. It is only fair for this region recognized by the fertility of its land, its varied agricultural and fruit production and a very hardworking population. The Minister of Industrialization, Trade and Consumption, Edgard Razafindravahy was thus in the oven and in the mill for two days. After the failed session with the deputies, the minister immediately joined the Vakinankaratra region, carrying out a real marathon. The journey began in Ambatolampy with a milk processing and cheese production unit. Ambatolampy produces 900 liters of milk per day, much of which does not find a buyer.


Then he moved on to Antsirabe where an apple processing unit will see the light of day. As we know, Vakinankaratra is the capital of apples but they are eaten raw. Now we can turn them mainly into cider and why not into jam or compote? There will be no more production thrown away for lack of consumers or because of rotting. Producers will have added value with processing. In Betafo and Faratsiho, the first industrial units in history will process potatoes into crisps. They can swallow 100 kg of potatoes per hour. Enough to process the annual production of 100,000 tons of Faratsiho. What is certain is that the farmers will no longer worry about the evacuation of the products.

Regardless of road conditions, they can process their products on site. In addition, the installation of these units will make the intermediaries disappear. “Producers are always at the center of the state’s concern”, emphasizes Minister Razafindravahy. The people of these four districts were over the moon. There is reason given that not only the products will be preserved but also and above all, these units will create direct and indirect jobs. Needless to say, the districts of Vakinankaratra are flirting with development thanks to the installation of these factories.

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