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Four arrested for the disappearance of a young woman in Chaco were excluded from the PASO

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This Tuesday, the seven detainees for the disappearance – or alleged femicide – of Cecilia Strzyzowski, the 28-year-old girl who has been wanted since June 1 in Chaco, were investigated. While, the electoral Justice excluded four of them who were listed as pre-candidates for the PASO.

The request was made by the alliance itself that Governor Jorge Capitanich leadsof which they were a part.

“A Special Prosecutor Team made up of Chamber Prosecutor Jorge Fernando Gómez and Investigation Prosecutor No. 4 Jorge Cáceres Olivera The investigation into the disappearance of Cecilia Strzyzowski will continue in case No. 22.632/23-1”, said spokesmen for the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In the same letter, it was reported that the investigative statement of “the seven people detained so far” is scheduled for this Tuesday.

It’s about the couple from Strzyzowsk, Cesar Sena; his parents, the piquetero leader and former candidate for provincial deputy Emerenciano Sena and his wife, former candidate for mayor of Resistencia Marcela Acuña; Fabiana González, marriage assistant; Gustavo Melgarejo, landlord of the Sena camp; and two other people.

Yesterday prosecutor Cáceres Olivera confirmed that “skeletal remains were detected”after a rake carried out on Sunday in a field of approximately 100 hectares owned by the Sena family located in a rural area of ​​the town of Campo Rossi.

Four of those arrested for the disappearance of a young woman in Chaco were pre-candidates and were excluded from the PASO

The Electoral Tribunal of the province of Chaco granted the request of the Chaco Front Alliance, led by Governor Jorge Capitanich, and excluded from the provincial PASO four pre-candidates of the United Socialist Partyarrested for the alleged femicide of Cecilia.

The electoral Justice ordered this Tuesday the exclusion of Emerenciano Sena -Strzyzowksi’s father-in-law- and José Gustavo Obregón, who had registered to compete on June 18 as pre-candidates for provincial deputies first and fifth on the list, respectively.

The measure also affected Marcela Verónica Acuña and Fabiana Cecilia González, pre-candidates for mayor and councilor in second place for the city of Resistencia. They were all part of one of Capitanich’s collecting lists, who aspires to re-election.

Who is Emerenciano Sena, the important leader arrested for the disappearance of a young woman in Chaco

Emerenciano Seine is a recognized piquetero leader in the province of Chaco, whose rise in power and politics was accompanied by numerous controversies. His story begins in the 1990s, during the economic crisis that affected the country, where he became one of the most visible faces of the protests of the first piquetero groups.

During the following years, Sena positioned himself as one of the main leaders of the opposition to the radicalism that governed the province. However, everything changed with the arrival of Jorge Capitanich to power in December 2007. The man sFrom that moment on, he became one of the most prominent militants of that administration. and established a close relationship with the governor.

Over the years, Sena managed to consolidate his political influence and even built a neighborhood. For this reason it is considered “The Miracle Sala Chaco”. Taking advantage of state resources, a 30-hectare property was erected where housing was granted to militants of the movement that bears his name.

In addition, social management schools were awarded, making 14 of them official, although the opposition denounced that the real number exceeded 100. One of the schools also received the name “Emerenciano” and it generated controversy when an image of the mast with a Cuban flag waving next to Argentina went viral.

Sena maintained a close relationship with Capitanich, even being his best man at their wedding in 2014 and prefacing his autobiography entitled “Emerenciano Caudillo del Norte”.

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