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Madagascar will participate in the four nations tournament scheduled for June 17 and 18 in Paris. The selection is based on the Barea U23 from the CAN U23 qualifying matches last year.

The Union of International Footballers and Malagasy Sports Managers (Uficasm) published on Sunday the list of twenty-five players who form the Malagasy under-23 selection for the four nations friendly tournament. This association chaired by Solonirina Raharijaona has been mandated by the Malagasy Football Federation to take care of the Barea U20 and U23 during the qualifiers for the U23 African Cup of Nations in 2022 counting for the qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Madagascar failed from the preliminary stage “but given that the convention extends until 2024, the association continues its activities within the framework of the promotion of football in the category concerned” underlines the president of the association. This international tournament will bring together four African teams including Madagascar, Guinea Bissau, Congo Brazzaville and Comoros. The tournament will take place in Paris on June 17 and 18 in Paris. The Franco-Algerian coach Boualem Mankour, called up frame players from the previous selection who played in the qualifying matches for Can U23. Four local players, who play in the Orange Pro League, are on the list, including three midfielders, two elements of Disciples FC: Andy Rakotondrajoa and Ryan Rajaonarivelo, Mamisoa Rakotoson of Elgeco Plus and the defender of Zanakala FC , Claude Ratsimbazafy.

Level maintenance

Sixteen of those selected play in France, including Barea U23 captain Kalvin Paul of Vierzon FC. Three others, who already formed the hopeful selection last year, are also called up, namely two from Switzerland, defender Tony Robert (YverdonSport) and midfielder Marwan Zilofo (CS Chenois) as well as Luxembourg defender Matis Rakotomahanina (Racing Union Let). Two other key players, expatriates from the African continent, have also confirmed their place, namely the midfielder of Saint-Michel United of Seychelles El Hadary Raheriniaina and the striker of El Gouna FC of Egypt, Arnaud Randrianantenaina. “Of course, the U23 national team will no longer have any official competitions soon, but we still want to maintain the level of these players who could join the group of their elders later,” confides the president of Uficasm, Solonirina Raharijaona. The group should begin its regrouping from June 12 until D-Day.

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