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Eight OPL clubs validate their ticket for the quarter-finals of the Madagascar Cup. The logic was respected in the round of 16 this weekend. Only OPL clubs in quarters. Eight of the ten OPL clubs competing in the round of 16 of the Madagascar Cup this weekend continue the adventure in the quarter-finals. The reigning national champion club, Fosa Juniors FC won in pain against FC Rouge, a club from Analamanga on Saturday in Ambohidratrimo. The two teams neutralized each other at the end of regulation time. Without pressure, FC Rouge, who defeated Uscafoot in the round of 16, imposed his game from the start of the match. The Félins reacted, the central defender, Jeannot opened the scoring in the 24th minute. Back from the locker room, the Reds went on the offensive and Eric dit Dadamanga scored the equalizer in the 47th minute. Determined, the Analamanga club continued their pressure and dominated the match. Fosa played ten after the expulsion of his right midfielder Xavier (71st). The score remained unchanged at the end of regulation time. Another element of Fosa, his left midfielder, Vévé Aristide was also sent off in the 95th minute, but coach Franck Rajaonarisamba’s proteges took advantage of FC Rouge’s error in defense and Andry scored the winning goal in extra time (105th). “Cup matches are always difficult. We have also tried to field players who are missing matches. The most important thing is to have won the match. We had to ensure the defensive line after the expulsion of our two elements to keep the advantage” says Franck Rajaonarisamba. “The fatigue weighed in overtime. We lack stamina. The two teams know each other well because we faced each other not long ago in a friendly match and we were beaten 0 to 1,” admits FC Rouge coach Jimmy Randafison.

Logic respected

One-way, Elgeco Plus curtly placed FC Mahavatsy Analanjirofo on its lawn at the By-Pass on Saturday, 3 goals to nothing. The score was still nil at the break. In addition to the Cup-winning club’s many missed chances, the architects of three goals include Doddy, Ernest and Onja Patrick. Two other OPL clubs also validated their ticket at home and without complex on Saturday. The national vice-champion club, AS Fanalamanga rolled Kakambary Analanjirofo by 7 goals to 1 at the Barikadimy stadium in Toamasina. In Antsirabe, Disciples FC defeated ASJM Androy by 4 to 3. Four other OPL clubs validated their ticket to the quarter-finals of the Cup yesterday. Eliminated in the OPL semi-finals, Ajesaia ensured victory by beating another OPL team, Dato FC, 1-0 in Ambohidratrimo. CFFA, national champion club in 2022, eliminated early at the start of the Play-offs won 2-0 against EFFCA MI 20 FC Analamanga on the same lawn of Ambohidratrimo. SR In Carion, Mama FC defeated AS Comato Atsimo-Andrefana by 3 to 1. And in Mahajanga, the Pro D2 champion club the previous season, ASA Nosy be confirmed its supremacy against Tsaramandroso Formation on its ground at the Rabemananjara stadium. The date of the quarter-finals remains to be confirmed because many players from these qualified clubs are called up for pre-selection for the games of the Islands, the grouping of which begins on Monday.

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