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Despite the altercation of recent days on social networks between the Malagasy Football Federation and the Union of International Footballers and Malagasy Sports Executives (Uficasm), the latter confirms, persists and signs that “Madagascar will participate in the Four Nations Tournament “. This tournament, which will see the participation of four teams, the Barea U23, the senior Reunion selection, the Comoros and Paris Atletico, will take place on Saturday and Sunday in Paris. The Malagasy selection, which has been in a regrouping since this week, is amputated from the four locals, the two players from Disciples FC, Andy Rakotondrajoa and Ryan Rajaonarivelo, and the other two, Mamisoa Rakotoson from Elgeco Plus and the defender from Zanakala FC, Claude Ratsimbazafy. Two other expatriates were unable to make the trip, namely the midfielder of St Michel United of the Seychelles, El Hadary Raheriniaina and the striker of the Egyptian club El Gouna FC, Arnaud Randrianantenaina. “These players were unable to join the group for lack of an authorization letter from the Federation,” reads a press release published by Uficasm on its Facebook page this weekend. The Federation reacted on Monday by publishing, for its part, a press release in social networks mentioning the suspension of collaboration between the two bodies. “The Federation has released the statement on the termination of the agreement and has not yet sent us an official letter. We will still be entitled to a remedy. We will continue to regroup and aim for positive results at the tournament. We’ll see next week,” says the president of Uficasm, Solonirina Raharijaona. Madagascar will play, unless changed at the last moment, against the senior selection of Réunion on Saturday June 17 at 6 p.m. French time at the Aimé Bergéal Mantes-La-Ville stadium. The final and the match for third place are scheduled for Sunday.

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