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FOOTBALL – BOLIDA’S TOURNAMENT – Twenty-four U13 teams competing in Malacam

by drbyos

Succession preparation. Legally created in June 2022, the Ankizin’Ankazomanga Milalao football school and its technical manager, Barea Lalaina Nomenjanahary aka Bolida, are organizing a youth football tournament dedicated to under-13s this weekend, at the Malacam stadium in Antanimena. The former Ajesaia player, who has been visiting the country for some time, will also be the sponsor of the tournament. The Can 2019 quarter-finalist spent his childhood and grew up in this neighborhood. He mainly helps the club logistically by providing equipment. Twenty-four teams divided into four groups of six will compete in the tournament. The ten best ranked from each group will qualify for the round of 16. The kick-off will be given by Bolida, on Saturday at 9 am, and it will also honor the trophy presentation ceremony. The second day of Sunday will also be marked by the raffle draw to win Barea jerseys collected by Bolida, including those of Mathyas Randriamamy, Marco Ilaimaharitra, Alexandre Ramalingom, Zotsara Randriambololona and Romain Metanire, … After lighting up his local clubs or in France as well as the national team, Bolida has completely converted into a technician or rather trainer. He assisted coach Nicolas Dupuis for a while. A few days ago, he just obtained the university degree in management of sports organizations (Dugos) after two years of study at the University of Lyon 1.

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