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Follow RÍO NEGRO RADIO live with all the information about Patagonia

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BLACK RIVER RADIO It is a community that grows day by day. He accompanies you with a lot of information from 6 in the morning. We tell you all the news of the region, Patagonia and the country. You can listen to us on Fm 90.9 from Neuquén, on Fm 105.7 from Roca, from the App or at rionegro.com.ar/radio.

Find out everything that happens on the air BLACK RIVER RADIO he monday july 3. Listen to us:

From 6 to 8: Let’s start

“Let’s start” from 6 to 8 with Vanesa Miyar.

Today in «Let’s start» Vanessa Miyar accompanies you to start the day:

– José Luis Artaza, councilor for the block of Together for Change-Nuevo Compromiso Neuquino and elected councilor for Complir, tells what his position is in the debate for the opening of “Sens”, the dance venue where “Las Palmas” used to work. In addition, he comments on his opinion in Karina Rojo’s statement due to the lack of gender parity in the Complir block that the Deliberante will integrate from December.

– Why do you want to prohibit the opening of Sens, formerly “Las Palmas”, in Neuquén? Coordination Secretary Alejandro Nicola speaks with RÍO NEGRO RADIO.

From 8 to 10: You on the air

“Vos al aire” with Diego Penizzotto and Daniela Parra from 8 to 10. Photo: Matias Subat

Hoy Diego Penizzotto and Daniela Parra in «You on the air» address:

– The candidate for national deputy for Neuquén of Unión por la Patria, Pablo Todero, visits the studio of RÍO NEGRO RADIO.

– The provincial deputy of Neuquén and candidate for Juntos por el Cambio to occupy a seat in the Lower House of the National Congress, Leticia Esteves, visits the studio of RÍO NEGRO RADIO, after her trip to the United States with the governor-elect Rolando Figueroa .

From 10 to 12: It’s time

“It’s time” with Luis Leiva and Belén Musolino, from 10 to 12. Photo: Juan Thomes

Today in “It’s time« Luis Leiva y Bethlehem Musolino They help you update the top news in the morning.

– The pre-candidate for deputy Marcelo Mango for Unión por la Patria talks with “It is time”.

– The family of Agustina Fernández organizes a march to demand justice for the femicide that occurred last year. Silvana Cappello, the young woman’s mother, shares the details of the call.

From 12 to 14: Between nets

“Entre Redes” with Diego Rodríguez and Cristian D’Amico from 12 to 14. Photo: Juan Thomes

Cristian D’Amico and Diego Rodríguez do «Between networks» and they lend you a hand to get through the early hours of the afternoon:

– Laura Valdebenito, the boxer from Mainque, tells how she prepares for her first international fight. The representative from Río Negro will face Chloe Watson on July 15 in England.

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Listen to us on FM 90.9 from Neuquén, on FM 105.7 from Roca, on rionegro.com.ar/radio or on our App.

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