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First, Río Negro requests that Arabela Carreras take leave

by drbyos

Facundo Blanco Villalba is the candidate for mayor of Bariloche who will take the First Rio Negro Partyby the hand of the former candidate for governor Ariel Rivero and his first presentation to the press had a harsh message to Governor Arabela Carreras, who asked her to take leave from her duties out of “respect for all Rio Negros.”

“I am outraged by the case of the governor who already has the coat of mayor,” accused Viillalba who remarked: “I see her every day campaigning in Bariloche. I would propose that leave be taken out of respect for all Rio Negros“, he claimed.

Local regulations do not require candidates who are civil servants to take leave or resign from their positions, as does the provincial law that forced several ministers who were candidates to resign.

The candidate for mayor of Primero Río Negro, who has not held public office up to now, but He has participated actively in different sectors of the Frente de Todos, also questioned legislator Ramón Chicconiof whom he said that in his 4 years in the Legislature he only presented two initiatives and one was to create his own bloc.

“Is that the productivity that a legislator has to have? I do not agree at all with that way of doing politics and they are always the same”, pointed out Villalba, the 32-year-old who wants to be mayor with the “lion” logo used by Javier Milei, with whom he agrees to accuse the “political caste”.

The Primero Río Negro party, which in the provincial elections reaped 11% of the votes in Bariloche and was ranked as the third force in the province, now seeks its place in the wide range of candidates in the Andean city that already has a dozen applicants.

The elections of September 3 will be the debut of the force in Bariloche and Villalba anticipated that he is considering also leading the list of councilorsalthough in the course of the days they will announce who will accompany him and promised that young people, not contaminated with politics, from various sectors, will integrate his ballot.

Electoral reform, the first measure of Facundo Blanco Villalba

As a first measure in an eventual government, Villalba announced a electoral reform so that councilors are elected by district and each one represents an area of ​​the city. He also proposed promoting a plan for “development with planning” in terms of transportation, transit, and housing.

The housing crisis is an issue in which Villalba has a particular interest and is a spokesperson for tenant groups. At this point he said that the municipality must intervene to solve the problem.

He listed that in Bariloche there are 1,000 tax land that must be used for housing and agreements must be made with private parties for the construction of houses for rent. Meanwhile, for families with savings capacity, he proposed generating housing plans.

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