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Find out if you receive the July salary increase

by drbyos

Las Domestic employees who are registered and receive their monthly salaryin Argentinathey will receive in your salary during July the last tranche of the 6% salary increasewhich had been planned since last March.

It is that the salary increases for housekeepers what They collect their salaries monthly, they are received in arrearsthat is, with the salaries settled during the month following the one announced.

So, the June increase will impact July assets of the domestic workersthis being the last tranche of the agreement reached about 28% mid-year addition.

During last March, the National Commission for Work in Private Homes agreed raises for April (14%), May (7%) and June (6%).

Domestic workers: When will the next salary increase be?

After the last increase agreed for June, housemaids wait by a new salary increasesince inflation has been high since the last agreement signed with the National Commission for Work in Private Homes.

The last salary agreement in favor of the domestic workers signed on March 28when based on March revenues it was established the non-cumulative increase of 14% since April, another 7% in May and 6% in June.

Together with this agreement, the national portfolio of Job He reported that the sector will be summoned again to discuss salaries on July 25. That is, then, that a new percentage increase in salary and a new scale of increases per category can be expected from August.

It must be taken into account that those domestic employees who are hired by month, will receive the percentage of salary increase from June to the month in arrearsthat is to say with the salary they will receive during the first days of July.

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