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Figueroa obtained a commitment from Massa for provincial participation in the dams

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rolando figueroagovernor-elect of the province of Neuquén, held a meeting with the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massaand the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royonwith the purpose of addressing the pressing situation generated by the expiration of hydroelectric concessions and the exclusion of the provinces in its management.

Through his Twitter account, Figueroa expressed: “I met with the Minister of Economy of the Nation Sergio Massa and the Secretary of Energy Flavia Royón to agree on the rapid formation of a working group, given the urgent need to define the future of hydroelectric dams in our region. As always, we defend the resources of the Neuquinos and an authentic federalism in our homeland.

The main objective of the meeting between the governor-elect and national officials was to seek solutions and establish a constructive dialogue to address the problem of expiration of concessions of hydroelectric plants in the region and took place after the session in the Chamber of Deputies ended.

The exclusion of the provinces in decision-making has generated great concern in Neuquéngiven the impact that these dams have on the economy and energy development of the province.

In this sense, Figueroa expressed his commitment to defend the resources of the people of Neuquén and promote authentic federalism in the country. The formation of a working group between the provincial and national authorities seeks to guarantee the active participation of Neuquén in discussions and decisions related to hydroelectric dams.

Neuquén and Río Negro dams: Sergio Massa met with Oscar Parrilli

Earlier, the national senator of the Frente de Todos de Neuquén, oscar parrilli, met with Sergio Massa, in a meeting that took place in the senator’s office in the National Senate. The main objective of the meeting was to address the issue of dams and the importance of involving representatives from the provinces of Neuquén and Río Negro in the discussion of the project, once the concessions expire.

During the meeting, Parrili expressed the need to establish a framework for cooperation between the Nation and the provinces once the hydroelectric concessions end. In this sense, he raised the possibility that both the province and the national government jointly manage damsfollowing the project presented by the senator in the Upper House.

The senator stressed the importance of having a co-administration to ensure that the provinces are not excluded from decision-making in relation to dams. Parrili proposed that ENARSA, the state energy company, assume the administration jointly with the provinces, following a scheme similar to the project presented in the Senate.

Likewise, Parrili raised the need for a similar scheme for the administration of provincial resources. He considers it essential to establish a prior legal framework through a constitutional reform in 1994, in which clear conditions are established for the Nation’s participation in the management of provincial resources.

The meeting between Oscar Parrili and Sergio Massa was described as “productive, laying the foundations for future discussions and the search for consensus in relation to the dams on the Limay River and the administration of provincial resources.” Both leaders expressed their commitment to continue working together to reach solutions that benefit both the Nation and the provinces involved.

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