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Father’s Day: Dr. Ricardo Victor Indaco

by drbyos

General Rock


I have so many things to tell you, it’s so cold in the house, April shows up every day.

Today I sit in front of the sea, I see your signs in the wake, we will never be able to reach you, anger that runs through my veins and not being able to hug you.

I still haven’t erased my smile and I can’t stop thinking that there is a lighthouse that illuminates where the sky and the sea kiss…

I tell you that I have not yet lost faith, I have become strong in the dark, I promise to love despite the bitterness.

I scream loudly because I know you hear me and there is no doubt, even if it hurts more than yesterday, today it hurts more than yesterday.

I have cried so many nights, without finding consolation, I have hugged my family and friends, shouting your absence, I have tried to comfort my Mother until I ran out of air in my lungs and I have learned that life hits, gives and hurts.

Today it hurts, today it hurts, it hurts… But I have still lost Faith…

Thanks Dad!

Your son

Facundo Emanuel Di Stasi and YOUR LOVE

Mirtha Elisa Di StasiDAYS 16,340,465

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