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EXPORT NICHES – $1.4 million brought back from the Canadian market

by drbyos

Fruitful and rewarding. Such will have been the return of the fourth Economic and Trade Mission to Canada, under the supervision of the Canada-Madagascar Chamber of Commerce and Cooperation and under the impetus of the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Consumer Affairs, MICC.

Positive and very encouraging results. This is the outcome of the fourth Economic and Trade Mission to Canada, MECC. The Malagasy delegation was led by Isidore Andrianirina, Director of Commerce and Consumption at the Ministry of Industrialization, Commerce and Consumption, MICC. He was personally involved in making this economic and commercial expedition a success. One of the attributions of the MICC which does not skimp on the technical and financial means to support and supervise such an initiative. In the name of public-private partnership. Haingo Randrianarivony, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Cooperation Canada-Madagascar, Cancham, Saturday at the Centell of Antanimena announced the beautiful harvest. “After a month, the firm orders obtained by the contractors already amount to 1.4 million dollars and they have recorded more than a hundred purchase intentions. Agreements with entrepreneurship and export support organizations have been concluded.

Departmental representatives were able to discuss with their counterparts at Global Affairs Canada and the Canadian Commercial Corporation in favor of better trade between the two countries. Malagasy products and services are beginning to make themselves well known and appreciated on the Canadian and even North American market. Successive trade missions are at the origin of this breakthrough in a market with unsuspected potential. The previous mission, in 2022, for example, made it possible to obtain thirty-three new contacts with a follow-up and also 5.2 million euros in sales contracts concluded and in progress. For this year, thirteen companies or groups affiliated with Cancham are participating in the MECC. What are SCRIMAD, DISTRISET, RIVIEREX, JR RAMANANDRAIBE EXPORT, GEHEM, SYMABIO, AGRIEXPORT CENTER LA BONTE, INNE TEXTILE, SOARANTY, NAHIRI COMPANY, LASY GASY, PREMIUM EXPORT, UTAM TROPIKALY.

Fourth MECC

Haingo Randrianarivony, to measure the progress made, pointed out that “if from 2018 to 2021, Malagasy exports to Canada have never exceeded 11 million CAD, Canadian dollars, they have more than doubled in 2022 reaching 24.6 million CAD, (sources: Statistics Industry/Canada, Global Affairs Canada). By contributing to this, the MECCs have demonstrated their relevance and effectiveness. CanCham thanks all the institutional, technical and financial partners who have contributed to the realization of this MECC 2023, as well as all the entrepreneurs who are members of the delegation who have fully invested in it and without whom the mission would not have made sense. . And an appointment has already been made for the fifth MECC, in 2024! » she congratulates herself. The fourth MECC, organized throughout by Cancham and the MICC, took place from May 8 to 19.

It deployed to six cities across Canada. Toronto, Montreal, Trois-Rivières, Drummondville, Quebec and Ottawa. The first three days were devoted to participating in the International Food Exhibition in Toronto, SIAL, the largest in the world in this area, where Madagascar had a pavilion. This was followed by B2B sessions, meetings with potential partners, with entrepreneurship and export support organizations, with members of the diaspora, and factory visits. Two other ministries were associated with this trip. That of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture and Livestock, as well as the World Bank, via the Integrated Growth Pole project, PIC. A winning multilateral partnership for all.

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