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excursions and prices in July

by drbyos

Winter holidays are coming up and Bariloche is once again on the radar of thousands of tourists who plan their trip to the snow, but also have a range of walks and excursions to enjoy landscapes and fresh air.

Like every year the excursions update prices from July 1 and there are already the rates with which the tourists who arrive on vacation will find themselves.

The increases go from 33% to 50% in lake and land excursionss, which had had their last update in the summer. The snow options have higher increases since the prices did not change since last winter.

Lake excursions, a classic

Among the classics of all seasons, lake excursions are also an option in winter because the catamarans have ample capacity inside to enjoy sailing on Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Towards Isla Victoria and the Bosque de los Arrayanes.

The excursion to Victoria Island and Los Arrayanes Forest, which includes two stops in these dream places, with the possibility of walking and exploring, in July it will cost 24,000 pesos for adults and 12,000 pesos for children between 5 and 12 years of age. It is offered by two companies, Turisur and Cau Cau.

The lake walk to Puerto Blest, which reaches one end of Lake Nahuel Huapi in a Valdivian jungle environment, very close to the border with Chile, costs 28,000 pesos for adults and 14,000 pesos for minors.

The Andean Crossingwhich advances towards Chile through Lake Frías and then reaches the small Chilean town of Peulla, navigating Lake Todos los Santos, on the other side of the border, is quoted in dollars at 230 dollars for Argentines or Chileans and 115 dollars under 12 years old.

These lake excursions depart from Puerto Pañuelo, in the area of ​​Llao Llao, and you must pay a boarding fee of 500 pesos per person and admission to the Nahuel Huapi National Park, which have different rates: residents of the province of Río Negro pay 1,000 pesos and Argentines in general 1,500 pesos (from 6 to 16 years, 1,000 pesos). Children under 5 go free.

Land walks also in winter

Land tours are another vacation option and due to weather conditions and the state of routes and roads it is it is safer to carry out these activities with contracted excursions that have buses or transfers with snow wheelschains and all the elements recommended by the road authorities.

Small Circuit. And one of his gastronomic proposals.

Circuito Chico excursion It has prices that vary depending on the travel agency and can range from 4,000 to 6,000 pesos. On these rides, children pay the same as adults, generally from 4 years old.

The Tronador hill It is another of the outstanding activities to reach the foot of the mountain glaciers. This circuit is always conditional on the state of the road since it has a long gravel route, in a mountain area. The cost is 15,700 pesos and if you add the arrival to Cascada Los Alerces, it amounts to 17,500 pesos this winter.

Wonder in the heights: the Otto Meiling refuge on Mount Tronador.

The walks that tourists are transferred for a day to San Martín de los Andes, an alternative that many choose to get to know another city in the Andean region. The price is 19,400 pesos.

Plans to enjoy the snow on vacation

The snow is delayed, for now, but in July all expectations are for the ski, snowboard, and sleigh slopes to open and all the activities to enjoy the snow.

On the hill Otto There are several alternatives, each with its proposal. A classic is the cable car ride to the top and the revolving confectionery. The value is 7,000 pesos for adults and 5,000 pesos for children between 6 and 12 years of age and over 65 years of age.

Hiking with snowshoes in Cerro Otto.

The ascent can be done even without snowfrom the base of kilometer 5 of De los Pioneros avenue and has impressive landscapes to contemplate.

At the top, the Cerro Otto Cable Car complex, has more proposals to enjoy. One of them is the sleigh which costs 4,000 pesos to make three slides and climbs with the funicular. You can also go snowshoeing in the middle of a forest. The activity lasts 45 minutes and costs 4,000 pesos.

In the intermediate area of ​​Cerro Otto, along the vehicular road, is the complex White stonesa snow park that is waiting for the white phenomenon to open.

To fly in Piedras Blancas Zipline.

This winter in Piedras Blancas access will cost 10,000 pesos and allows you to go up on a chairlift. But the main activity is the sleigh since it has extensive tracks to slide and an exclusive children’s sector. Yesterday he opened four tracks for the activity.

The sled with six descents on the track and ascents on the chairlift has a cost of 20,000 pesos and on the children’s track 7,500 pesos.

Another proposal is tubing, an activity for people over 14 years of age that costs 13,500 pesos and the Zipline, to fly between the trees, has a value of 13,500 pesos and can be done by boys from 8 years old with a weight of 40 kilos. It has an instructor and two sections.

On Cerro Catedral, the southern slope was opened yesterday with promotional pass of 15,000 pesos. The seasonal prices are not known from what date they will apply, which will surely happen when more tracks are enabled. The daily pass this year costs 29,000 pesos for seniors and 24,100 pesos for children from 6 to 11 years old. This winter children under 5 years will not pay.

Snow and fondue on Cerro López

Cerro López, due to its location and weather conditions, has guaranteed snow from now on for those who seek to have contact and play with the white mantle that everyone seeks in winter.

on this mountain, located in the Circuito Chico, about 20 kilometers from the center of Bariloche, There are two options to spend the day and they have very similar proposals with meals included.

The Black Rock Refuge It is a classic for many years that created this walk uphill in 4×4 trucks along a mountain road, which begins at one of the entrances to Colonia Suiza.

The Roca Negra refuge, on Cerro López. Photo: Alfredo Leiva

At about 1,100 meters high is the refuge that has a spacious lounge and a imposing view of the area of ​​the Llao Llao peninsula and the Naguel Huapi lakeyou even get to see something of Victoria Island and the imposing mountain range of López that surrounds it.

There is a snowshoeing about an hour and then it’s time to taste a tasty cheese fondue in the case of those who opt for the morning/noon shift or chocolate fondue for those who arrive in the afternoon.

The walk takes about 5 hours and there is time to enjoy the snow and the environment before returning to the vans again. In travel agencies it is offered for July at 69,300 pesos.

After the snowshoeing excursion you can enjoy a fondue at the Roca Negra refuge. Photo: Alfredo Leiva

In Extremo Encantado, another refuge located on the other side of the same mountain at an altitude of 1,260 meters, the proposal is similar in terms of gastronomy and It is also accessed by 4×4 trucks by the same vehicular road. There is a 20-minute walk for snowshoes and there is also a sector for sledding in the snow. The cost is 73,500 pesos.

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