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“Everything is in order, we will open on Saturday,” said the owner after Sens’s inspection

by drbyos

Diario RÍO NEGRO was accompanying the municipal inspection that was carried out a few minutes ago in Sens, the new dance venue in Neuquén located where “Las Palmas” used to function. The place where Sergio Ávalos was last seen, is undergoing a dispute over its opening, which is threatened by the attempts of the municipal executive to back down with the project. Yesterday the file of the Neuquén Municipality Public Works Secretariat was released, which warned that the place it had not passed inspection and prohibited any type of commercial activity. Look at the tour:

In what continues to be a dispute between the opening of the new dance venue Sens, where The “Las Palmas” bowling alley worked and the missing student Sergio Ávalo was last seenyes, and the attempts of the municipal Executive to back down with the project, they warned everyone those who buy tickets to be part of the first night of Saturday 8.

The disappearance of Sergio Ávalos 20 years ago in the place, when the bowling alley was called “Las Palmas”, it was the center of social controversy and part of the questions in the Deliberative Council, where the MPN stated that the area is recategorized so that dance venues cannot function.

From the MPN they could not prohibit the opening, so the issue went to commission. After that debate, invitations were issued to Asunción and Mercedes Avalos (father and sister of Sergio Avalos) for an extended meeting on July 25 at the Council. On Monday, the Deliberative will enter a 2-week legislative recess.

The municipal executive alerted days ago that the municipal procedures had not been carried out. Subsequently, and after carrying out a evaluation of the pre-feasibility of the activity in the area, it was negative “Because the activity is not compatible with the designated use of the area.”

Notified that it is It is prohibited to carry out any type of commercial activity without the corresponding authorizationif carried out, it will proceed to a closure.

On one occasion, a dance venue in the center of Neuquén fit was closed for not respecting health protocols and for having a dance floor when the place was not enabled for that activity.

The inspection of the place that was going to take place yesterday, was canceled at the last moment and postponed for today at 11. Diario RIO NEGRO was able to tour the place together with the owner of SensNicolás Vaamonde and the municipal inspectors.

were found the plans in each corner of the building, also photos were taken and a survey was carried out. The tour was attended by three municipal inspectors and spare parts were shown.

Vaamonde recounted “everything is as is in the plans that it was in the past, in theory of particular works they will endorse me as the procedures will continue.” In addition, he indicated that he expects the results of the report to be given to him in the afternoon.

Regarding the ordinance that the MPN raises in the deliberative and that was postponed to July 25the owner of Sens commented that he will wait to see what is resolved then, but that for now he is interested to be able to carry out the opening.

In case the results of the report are negative and the opening is prohibited, Vaamonde affirmed “my lawyer, Matías Morla, told me that we will present an appeal for protection to be able to open.

The owner of Sens stated “I wanted to greet the father of Sergio Ávalos who showed up, but because of the inspection I couldn’t.” “I wanted to explain that we want the same as him that answers justice, that is what we are all waiting for“, he exposed.

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