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ENERGY TRANSITION – From skeptics to the electric car

by drbyos

Electric cars are timidly entering the Malagasy market. Many people are interested in new alternatives and the comfort offered by these passenger cars. 100 kilometers of autonomy for eight hours of charging time when the batteries are flat. These are the attractions of the small city cars exhibited during the two days of the CSR show at the Novotel Alarobia, on July 6 and 7. Visitors seem to be interested in the attractions offered by Chinese electric cars. Despite the attractive prices of these cars, potential buyers are skeptical. “I am tempted by these electric cars but I think that compared to the state of the roads and the spare parts, they could be quite expensive”, confides Nantenaina Andriamiarimalala who came to visit the exhibition space of electric vehicles. The dealers want to be reassuring all the same, with regard to the instructions for use of these vehicles. These are indeed chargeable via solar panels or even through domestic electricity. In Madagascar, there are also two charging points for electric cars. Electric vehicles appeared a few years earlier on the Big Island, a market that is still to be developed in Madagascar. Electric cars mark the entry into a new era in terms of energy transition. The demand for electric cars has accelerated considerably worldwide, particularly with the current new challenges of climate change.

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