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Enarsa announced the start-up of the pipe

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The state company Energía Argentina (Enarsa, exIeasa) announced that the filling process of the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline has begun, in line with the official schedule established last week. The partial and progressive authorization will require 18 days and will end on July 8.

“We are very proud to have achieved put this gas pipeline into operation in record time and on the scheduled date which marks the beginning of a new era for all Argentines”, highlighted the president of Enarsa, Agustín Gerez,

The maneuver, technically known as “putting on the gas”, consisted of the start-up of the Tratayén Measurement StationNeuquén, and the first 29 km of the gas pipeline.

“This successful project demonstrates what we are capable of doing when we achieve synergy and articulation between the public and private sectors,” said Gerez. And I add: “I appreciate the enormous effort and commitment of the workersjadores so that the President Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline becomes a reality”.

Today the start-up of the Tratayén Measurement Station was carried out, and the first 29 km of the pipe were filled. (Photo: courtesy)

As the official schedule was set, The pipe will be filled in stages and the one that began today will be followed by another five more until it is completed on July 8. The following day, the official act will be held, in which the presence of national authorities and announcements of new gas infrastructure works are expected.

From now on, the gas pipeline authorization schedule begins by sections until its official inauguration on July 9.”

To install Enarsa.

The partial and progressive qualification, usual procedure in this type of operations, Its objective is to guarantee the homogeneous filling of the pipeline with natural gas, completely displacing the air and involves phases of sweeping and pressurizing the pipes. In addition, it allows testing the operation of the measurement and regulation systems of the plants.

Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline: how was the work

The construction of the gas pipeline began after the signing of contracts in August 2022, when the earthmoving works began, transfer of equipment and opening of the runway, which is the “road” along which the gas pipeline is placed.

After the first welds on the track, progress was made with an average of 5 km per day counting the three work fronts. That was how they spread out more than 47,700 pipes 12 meters long and 36 inches in diameter, in the 573 kilometers of extension between Tratayén and Salliqueló. They crossed the provinces of Neuquén, Río Negro, La Pampa and Buenos Aires.

The pipe will increase the production of Vaca Muerta, expand the capacity of transporting gas and making it reach the consumption centers, allowing annual savings of 4,200 million dollars per year in substitution of fuel imports.

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