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Emprotur justified the expenses of a Gennuso official in Europe

by drbyos

The board of the Mixed Entity for Tourism Promotion (Emprotur) responded a new request for reports to the Municipal Council linked to the controversy over the use of public funds for personal expenses by Gastón Burlón, president of the organization and Secretary of Tourism of Bariloche, during a trip to Europe at the end of last year.

On this occasion, the answer has to do with the detail of some expenses that were questioned by the councilors.

The first point corresponds to the purchase of a jacket purchased at the Zara firm on January 18, 2022 -outside of the questioned trips-, for a value of 11,995 pesos. «The sum has not been reimbursed since the expense is understood as the purchase of clothing/uniform for the representation. The bag will remain at the disposal of the Emprotur“, highlighted from the Emprotur in the note addressed to the Chief of Staff Marcela González Abdala that was forwarded to the Municipal Council.

Another questioned point corresponds to accommodation in a hotel in the Italian city of Rimini, where the tourism fair was held. They clarified that “in all the fairs and congresses attended on behalf of Emprotur and Bariloche, you arrive at your destination one or two nights in advance» due to “the operational tasks related to the assembly of the stand, meetings, search for credentials, preparation of the work agenda, training of the personnel attending the stand, among others.”

in relation to rent a vehicle for several days for a value of 219,112 pesos, from the board of the entity they argued that it was to move from the fair in France to Italy (there were two weeks between both events). “The rental of a vehicle was a smaller sum than that of air tickets,” they stated.

It was also asked about the rental of another car for an amount of 65,965 pesos. In this case, from Emprotur, they assured that the request corresponded to Pablo Molteni, substitute member of the board of directors. He requested to incorporate the Israeli market into the action plan and for that reason, Burlón was asked to provide a destination training in that country. «The president who was on leave, always analyzing the economic convenience of the entity, agreed to provide it and to be able to move between cities he rented a vehicle“, they expressed.

Another questioned expense corresponded to the purchase of a suit in the El Corte Inglés store, for 76,606 pesos. It was insisted that “the purchase was due to the fact that the wardrobe with which Burlón attended was stained at an event and requested authorization for that expense«. For this reason, the sum was not reimbursed since “the expense is understood as the purchase of clothing/uniform for the representation. The suit will remain at the disposal of the entity and is used on trips“, they clarified from the entity.

Councilor Julieta Wallace described this new response from Emprotur as “a joke, especially to the merchants who contribute money so that a few use that structure for personal benefit«.

«It is also a joke to the landfill workers who work without uniform and in unsanitary conditions. The management of the Emprotur is taken care of to cover expenses that, by all accounts, are illegal. Suits, car rentals while on vacation and tickets to guarantee vacations in Europe for a few”, considered the councilor of the Frente de Todos.

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