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Elections in some sections postponed

by drbyos

Transparency does not rhyme with the locking of information. Three months after their establishment at the beginning of March during the ordinary general assembly of the federation in Mantasoa, the national electoral commission and the appeals commission for the federal elections have so far carried out two press briefings. The first a month ago aims to present the electoral calendar. One-sided, these commissions avoid questions at each meeting with the press, so their press release announcing yesterday the postponement of certain elections at the section level by one week requires more clarification and clarification. “…with a concern for the transparency and reliability of the process, given the difficulties inherent in the material organization in the field. As a result, the electoral commission and the appeals commission held a general meeting for this purpose, at the end of this meeting, it was decided to postpone the elections in the sections, partially with regard to the areas which have been raised some technical problems, making it impossible to hold the elections on July 1 and 2 as planned in the initial roadmap,” communicated Beby Fabienne Ralavarisoa, president of the electoral commission. “This postponement will make it possible to process the applications received, to proceed to the instructions of the numerous files submitted to the various authorities and which could not be transferred in time from the CENI” she continued.

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