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El Salvador is a society that is rapidly digitizing

by drbyos

Tigo representatives in El Salvador assure that El Salvador is taking leaps and bounds in terms of digitization, which is why alternatives are being explored to provide greater capacity and better services.

In the Face to Face interview, Esteban Iriarte, vice president of operations at the Swedish company Millicom, explained that data consumption specifically is exponential and has doubled in the last two years. It is in this line that the company is already working to improve the digital career that over the years and massive use could become congested.

Tigo has currently developed LTE technology, but the projection now points to AWS, a new spectrum that will be auctioned by the General Superintendence of Electricity and Telecommunications (SIGET).
With this, the operator will have the ability to provide greater bandwidth and more speed; and aspires to have approximately 120 megabytes of AWS. An operator needs between 10 and 20 megabytes to function in optimal conditions.

For his part, Marcelo Alemán, general manager of Tigo in El Salvador, confirmed that they are working hand in hand with SIGET to advance digitalization in 2018, the year in which an auction will be held.

Iriarte said that in addition to technological capacity, human talent and understanding the consumer will be key to the evolution of this industry and need. He added that one of the main challenges is how to use the technology.

Alemán added that El Salvador has a very aggressive competitiveness that other countries in the region do not have. More and more people are joining the emerging technologies and platforms and applications.

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