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ECONOMIC EVENT – The SIAE opens up new horizons

by drbyos

From June 1 to 4, the International Exhibition of Economic Actors, SIAE will bring together economic operators such as agro and agribusiness, transport and logistics, real estate, housing and decoration, well-being and health, new information and communication technology, textiles, crafts, advice and training, sustainable economy. In the search for international openness and the development of his activity, the entrepreneur is required to develop his network and enter into relations with various national and international players. In response to this need, the SIAE offers participants the opportunity to open up to a new horizon and meet new partners and potential collaborators. The event is home to a Forum in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Madagascar, which will welcome new investors in the sector of agribusiness, steel, automobile manufacturing, tourism, insurance in international trade, mining and heavy industry, among others. Organized under the patronage of the Prime Minister, the SIAE is placed under the sponsorship of five ministries, that of Foreign Affairs, Industrialization, Trade and Consumption, Environment and Sustainable Development, Energy and Hydrocarbons and Public Works. The Show will be open to the general public and includes various offers for visitors.

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