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Last Friday at the beginning of the afternoon, Dr. Baomiavotse Vahinala Raharinirina, special adviser to the President of the Republic was the special guest of the National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, INTH. To develop a hot topic. “Environmental issues, ecotourism and its role in economic recovery in Madagascar”. An invitation answered with passion and vigor by this young lady who believes deep down that knowledge is the best weapon for positive change in a country like ours. During this conference-debate, after the introduction of Haja Ralison, head of the INTH training department, Dr Baomiavotse Raharinirina clarifies the inseparability and complementarity of the environment, the economy and the social from a perspective of sustainable development, emphasizing that ecotourism – a form of tourism centered on the discovery and preservation of nature and local cultures – is living proof of this strong link. With precision, she explains: “Ecotourism can be a real lever of economic recovery for our economy, if all the required conditions are met. Several countries have also chosen this path, such as Costa Rica, Botswana, or even Rwanda”. It addresses in particular the case of Costa Rica which has made 27% of its total surface area protected areas, generating through ecotourism nearly 1.7 billion dollars in annual tourist revenue. “This country, rich in biodiversity and a former Spanish colony, is a real success story that challenges us. By developing ecotourism, Costa Rica has been able to achieve incredible growth, reducing the poverty rate from 40% to 20% in just 25 years,” she continues, sharing her knowledge with young INTH students. . Moreover, with enthusiasm and curiosity, they do not hesitate to participate in the exchange of ideas. Showing how much they care about the future of tourism in Madagascar. Some even go so far as to identify avenues for good practice.


“These expressions of interest also reveal that students want to involve the INTH in a CSR approach and set up projects with a positive impact on the environment, in partnership with the State. Other young people have highlighted the central role of our natural capital and especially endemic species such as lemurs for ecotourism, while worrying about their decline, “says the former Minister of Environment and Development. sustainable. Which recognizes a real awareness of the young people of the INTH in relation to climate change and its impacts, but also in the face of the decline of biodiversity. Concluding the conference-debate, Dr. Baomiavotse Raharinirina qualifies these young people from the INTH as “the future of tourism”, while encouraging them to become patriots, innovators and concerned about the future of our “Taninjanaka”.

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