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Do you know the “spaceship” backpack for kittens? Advantages and disadvantages

by drbyos

Moving with our pets can be easy if we are accompanied by someone to help us, but the story is complicated when it comes to taking them to the vet by walking or driving, and It is very dangerous to go with loose animals in the cars (they can get under the pedals or cause accidents). For all these cases, there is a backpack that looks like a catship.

Ready to start their journey, although not to outer space but to the doctor or to spend the day somewhere else, traveling cats are one of the most tender images we come across on social networks.

But do they really have a good time there? By exposing them to a dangerous situation, is this the best alternative? Today I tell you my experience, the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

The pros

Most likely, as soon as you leave the backpack open on the floor, your kitty will go and lie down inside. In the same way that they like boxes and fit into small spaces, there is a chance to befriend your catship early on. Afterwards, this affinity will have to be fostered with a lot of work.

As we already introduced, there is the issue of security. Whether it’s for taking them in the car, walking, on public transport (there are even people who use them on the bike), nothing beats this hardshell backpack.

As to comfort for the owner, catships also outperform other options. For example, using a leash usually requires a lot of training, and box-shaped carriers are less comfortable to carry and also to store, since they are larger.

The cons

We can take our feline friends to different places with their backpack whether they want to or not (a lot that weighs on them, veterinary check-ups are necessary), but getting them to like or get used to it is a hard work process. Many videos on Youtube recommend leaving the backpack open for them to approach first, then try putting them in and walking them around our houses, and very gradually begin the process of taking them out, starting with short walks (perhaps just to the sidewalk or hallway) and extending its duration little by little.

Even if we strive to achieve this adaptation, there’s a chance they just don’t like it. If, in addition to the mandatory outings, you are considering it as an option to take it for a walk, it is a bet with its risks.

We cannot ignore the precio; compared to other methods of transport, it is not the cheapest. On online shopping platforms they roam between $15,000 and $19,000So it’s also an investment.

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