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Discover the new generation of Pokémon GO

by drbyos

Many asked for it and it was known that they would arrive sooner or later, but the second generation of Pokémon for the mobile device video game is here: Pokémon GO.

As reported by Niantic, “Starting this week, you will have the opportunity to capture more than 80 Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region”, among which are the classics Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile.

In addition, new objects for evolutions, new berries and new avatars and costumes will be added. Added to this the wild pokémon will have new reactions when you try to capture them. A video showing some of the new creatures was released along with the announcement.

This game will contain: -80 new species -New evolutions for Pokémon that were already in the game -New reactions from wild Pokémon -There will be two new Berries: Latano Berries (slows down the Pokémon’s movements) and Pinia Berries (double the number of candies received) -It will be possible to buy outfits in the Pokémon stores. In a move to make the game more profitable, we can now choose different outfits with which to dress our avatar.

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