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dining rooms and picnic areas respond to the call in Roca

by drbyos

For several days the rain has been complicating several families in Roca who live in precarious housing. The kitchens and picnic areas are responding to the call for solidarity, assisting with blankets, food, nylon, clothing and firewood.

although since Civil Defense of the Municipality said that the rainfall “has been very weak and they have not received calls from affected neighbors,” donations from solidarity groups have become crucial for vulnerable families.

The rains left havoc in several streets. Photo courtesy Julián Riquelme

El Merendero Chavito helps about 35 families in the Aeroclub neighborhood, on Cerri street between Cóndor and Picaflor, 200 meters from Route 6.
“Many families need clothes and nylon, because they live in very humble houses. I have a material house and the water was getting in,” Camila Vidal expressed concern.

The neighbor pointed out that they have been collecting firewood and pallets to assist the affected families but they need more donations. People interested in collaborating you can contact 2984 145575.

The water runs along Calle Colón, in the Northwest neighborhood. Photo courtesy Jésica Cárdenas

Leticia Gavilán, referent of the Voluntarios de Gral Roca group, pointed out that the situation is very “tragic”.
“We are a group that put together collaborations, but we don’t have the means to leave immediately. Yesterday a lady called to ask for help because she did not have food for her seven children and two volunteers put their vehicle and went to leave her some things”, she expressed moved.
The woman pointed out that they have summoned several families to help them tomorrow.
The group is made up of 20 members who actively work to assist residents and are answering calls from Barrio Nuevo, Fiske Menuco, Alta Barda, Paso Córdoba, and Chacra Monte.
Those interested in supporting this community work can contact cell phone 2984 767563.

Many families found it difficult to leave their homes. Photo courtesy

From the Corazón Solidario picnic area located in the Northwest neighborhood, they are also working tirelessly for needy families.
Florencia Gabba, a reference for the group, commented that they have received many calls from neighbors who need everything from clothes to sheets because their house is raining. The picnic area assists more than 80 families and on these rainy days they have also delivered food to people living on the streets. “Yesterday we distributed 100 meals and the other day 60,” she said excitedly.
Neighbors interested in collaborating can go to the address of the picnic area at Perito Moreno 3135 or call 2984 663518.

The rain affected the Northwest neighborhood a lot. Photo courtesy Evelin MoralesEl Merendero Corazón Solidario goes out to distribute food to people in street situations. Photo courtesy

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