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Nina Zafisambo, head of delegation during the World Cup
“Donovan was hospitalized before leaving for Serbia where we prepared for the World Cup. He lost about 5 kg in weight and muscle. Anyway, he was completely cured during the World Cup and there was no reason to stop him from playing. He gave his all during the World Cup despite a drop in performance. »

Be Richard
“Fighting the French and the Americans was the hardest and the most difficult because of their size. Anyway, it’s a great experience and if it’s to be done again, I’m always up for it.”

Lovasoa Ny Aina Andriantsarafara, captain
“We gave our all during all the matches to defend the honor of Madagascar. I’m always up for it when it comes to the national team. »

M’Madi Mathias
“The World Cup was good for me, especially being elected as the tournament’s top scorer. And it’s all thanks to the help of my teammates. For the rest of my career, we’ll see. »

Harinirina Jimmy Désiré Randriamandimby, President of the Competition Commission
“We saw together the difference in level. Compared to other countries, compared to the world level, we are still lagging behind. The result is not shameful and our players played without complex in general. Everyone was very surprised by the skill of our youngsters and FIBA ​​and FIBA ​​Africa congratulated us. »

Coach Malala
“I am very happy with what our young people have shown in the World Cup. They played for the honor of Madagascar seeking more victories. If I am still called upon in the future, I am always ready. »

Vero Hanitriniaina Andrianivoson, mother of Lovasoa Andriantsarafara
“I’m very happy with my son’s performance. He loves basketball and we are always ready to help him go as far as possible. He will return to the United States of America. » We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Ok

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