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Continue the streak of suspended concerts in El Salvador

by drbyos

The company Two Shows Producciones informed through social networks that the Golden FEST 2017 scheduled for today has been suspended.

The reasons are due to the fact that a high-magnitude wind storm detached the canvas from the stage roof that protected the lighting, audio, and video equipment; therefore they have been affected.

The decision was made in consultation with the technical team and the artists, because for security reasons, the equipment cannot be turned on when in such conditions.

However, the organizing company reported that a press conference will be held on August 15 where the rescheduling of the event will be announced or, in any case, the information for the refund of the tickets.

This is not the first concert that has been suspended in the country so far this year, just a few hours after it took place.

In the case of the Golden FEST, it was confirmed that all the participating artists were already in El Salvador.

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