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Consumer Ombudsman Warns About Using Samsung Galaxy Note 7

by drbyos

The Consumer Ombudsman warned the Salvadoran population of the use and purchase of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones, a device that is under the surveillance of US authorities from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, who urged its withdrawal from the same market.

According to the North American authorities, the use of this Samsung model can cause fires or burns due to overheating, something that has already happened in that country where 92 reports of overheating, 26 for burns and 55 for property damage have been received, which which includes car and garage fires.

Given this scenario, the Salvadoran Ombudsman has requested information from telephone companies on inventory and sales of this telephone. In addition, the authorities of the institution affirmed that “this alert is made known to the public to prevent its use in the event that it has been acquired inside or outside the country or through online purchases or with an unregistered supplier.”

In the event of any emergency, the Ombudsman’s Office informs the population that they can call 910, or report their complaints through social networks or its website.

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