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Colidio and Gianetti, the new names that sound for Boca reinforcements

by drbyos

Boca has Facundo Colidio in its sightswho played for Tigre in the Professional League, by Lautaro Gianetti, of Vélez, as possible reinforcements for the next semester.

In the case of the first of there were official contacts with the people of Inter from Italy, owner of the striker’s pass who began his career at Xeneize.

The attacker, 23 years old, your loan expired on the 30th of last month in the Matador de Victoria, where he arrived at the beginning of 2022 and these days he had to return to the Italian club.

so this morning Boca start official efforts by the player and asked Inter Italy for conditions, while they raised an offer for the loan with a purchase option, although they do not rule out making an offer request for half the pass.

At the end of 2017, Colidio with only 17 years It was sold by the ex-president xeneize, Daniel Angelici, for seven million euros.

The club has a percentage of a capital gain in the face of a hypothetical sale above that value, while Inter would have valued at 8 million dollars the Colidio pass.

However, it must be borne in mind that the Italian cast already has a formal offer for the footballer. Toluca from Mexico wants to take him away and, according to Aztec media, he would have already settled with the Europeans for a figure close to the one he was assessed.

However, the transfer is not closed yet because the soccer player is not convinced to continue his career in Mexico since he would prioritize sports, and that can open the door for the club that formed him.

Gianetti’s chance

As to Lautaro Gianetti It would be a request from the coach Jorge Almirón to Juan Román Riquelme, Vice President of the institution.

The 29-year-old defender He has a contract in Vélez until December 31 of this year and for this reason he could already be authorized to negotiate his pass as a free footballer.

The issue is that Boca wants it now and it will be seen how the Liniers club takes this situation. There has not yet been an official request, especially considering Vélez’s poor performance in the Professional League and the political moment, since there will be elections for authorities next November.

If I could come it would have to be after July 30 when the pass book opens in the local marketThis is not the case with Colidio that comes from abroad and the TMS began on June 21.

Precisely, the search for a central defender has to do with the current situation of red frameswho does not play for a series of injuries from October 12, 2022.

The captain from Boca traveled to the United States with permission from the club, to consult muscle specialists and find a solution to his constant and successive tears.

Meanwhile, the squad trained this morning at the Ezeiza property with a view to their pgame next Thursday against Unionin Santa Fe. The starters in last weekend’s victory against Sarmiento de Junín by 2-0 did light exercises and the rest played soccer in reduced spaces.

Oscar Romero was left out of the call for muscle discomfort. Almirón planned to include it among the headlines.

Tomorrow, in the last practice before the meeting, the technician will stop a possible team as usual and in the afternoon you will travel in the afternoon on a charter flight to Santa Fe.

On the other hand, the Colombian midfielder Jorman Campuzano, who was on loan at Giresunspor in Turkey, arrived in the country today and will join the practices of the team led by Jorge Almirón.

The last Argentine champion will face the day after tomorrow as a visitor Union from 17for the twenty-third date of the Professional League and with the arbitration of Andrés Merlos.

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