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Cipolletti’s municipal claim

by drbyos

Inflation in May was 7.8% per month, just a few tenths below what was registered in April by INDEC. This generated a new internal debate between the municipal associations of cipolletti ahead of the meeting to be held next week with the mayor Claudius DiTella for parities.

From Sitramuci y la CTM They announced that they maintain their request for the reopening of parities, as well as the recomposition of the 8 points outdated in which are the municipal salaries. In addition, they ratified that at the next meeting they will request an automatic monthly adjustment according to the inflation indices.

“The inflationary reality that our country is going through causes the cost of living to increase constantly and significantly. Essential products and services become more expensive every monthnegatively impacting the purchasing power of workers” stated from Sitramuci Cipolletti.

Next week, June 22, municipal workers will meet with the executive to define what will happen with the parities. On June 6 they met and expressed the need for a trigger clause. “It is essential that the trigger clause be adjusted month by month and not every three months as was proposed,” they explained..

During the meeting, they also talked about the transfer to effective permanent plant of workers who have already taken their exam, and the project to eliminate subrogations. The leader of ATE, Jorge Núñez, announced that “42% inflation is expected, no one had foreseen that this would happen, but it is a reality and we must face it,” he said..

Jorge Nuñez explained that “the inflationary escalation that the country is going through has caused municipal salaries to become outdated, affecting the daily life of municipal employees. Given these circumstances, the workers request a change in the municipal economic policy with all the salaries above the family basket.

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