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Cipolletti proposes a municipal program to help the homeless

by drbyos

He Cipolletti Deliberative Council promotes a draft ordinance which aims provide support to las personas who are currently in street situation in the city. They propose that the financing of containment centers or shelters will come from the municipal and provincial budget, with the aim of guaranteeing the continuity and sustainability of these initiatives.

The councilor of the Frente de Todos block, Horacio Pierucci presented a draft ordinance that seeks to adhere to the provincial law of Rio Negro No. 5614, called “system for the protection of the rights of people living on the streets.”

The ordinance seeks that the municipality can provide containment spacesy allocate adequate resources to ensure that homeless people can access them for free.

Pierucci explained that the program seeks to work comprehensively with all the agencies: the hospital, social development, security and the municipality of Cipolletti. According to the councilor, there are currently people with mental health problems, addictions, discrimination, although there is provisional containment, he said.

He indicated that those people today attend public and private containment centers, also non-governmental organizations, but it is necessary to create a specific body to solve the problems. “The law provides for a containment center, and the municipality must have the resources, complementing the work coordinated with the organizations,” he said.

In addition, it will seek to offer additional services and resources to address the basic needs of these people, such as food, medical care and access to social reintegration programs.

In the last commission the project obtained the approval of all the councilors, it is expected that it will be approved in the next session and begin to be executed in the city.

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