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Cipolletti goes for a new joy in La Visera for Federal A

by drbyos

In a difficult and irregular year, Cipolletti achieved the best victory of the season 4 days ago and hopes to add three more this afternoon.

He Wednesday he defeated the pointer Olimpo and today he will step on La Visera de Cemento again against Círculo Deportivo at the beginning of the third of the four rounds that the initial phase of Federal A has.

It will be from 4:00 p.m. with José Darío Sandoval from Entre Ríos as referee, a judge who never led Albinegro.

The victory against the leader was a great psychic injection for Cipo. The old rivalry with Olimpo and the fact that they had never beaten them at home since the Bahians were relegated to this category, he gave a special value.

The people accompanied the team and are excited to get out of the bad moment. With this result, Darío Bonjour’s team was four away from the qualifying zone.

Círculo Deportivo is last, in the relegation zone. Albinegro took 6 from him and today he could stretch his difference to 9 if he wins again. Getting that advantage with the bottom team would be important to take another step in the change of mentality that the coach plans. Those of Nicanor Otamendi they have gone five dates without winning in which they tied one, lost four and only scored one goal.

The venue will have Two major comebacks. Both Maximiliano Amarfil and Alex Díaz met the suspension date against Olympus and are available in midfield.

The fact that Amarfil has the best chance of returning to make a pair with Lucas Argüello, of a good level. The fact that would leave the eleven is Luis Deziwho on Wednesday stood almost as a “double 5” in an unusual role since he was always a striker or winger.

After this game, Cipo must visit the escort Villa Miter in Bahia. Due to the difficulty of that next challenge and the fact that today they face the bottom of the table, they have no choice but to leave the three points at La Visera this afternoon.

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