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Chubut brings its canned tradition to the Caminos y Sabores 2023 fair

by drbyos

From the depths of the sea to the vast horizons of the Patagonian plateau, Serajuana’s story is a blend of tradition, love of cooking, and the heritage of a courageous matriarch. Founded by Serafina Rodríguez in 1920 in the city of Trelew, this family business has left an indelible mark on the region’s culinary scene.

Serafina, a Spanish woman full of nostalgia and recipes, arrived in Patagonia with two trunks full of dreams. Together with her husband, she worked tirelessly in the fields while raising her seven children. But her true gift manifested itself in the kitchen, where her traditional dishes and her love of good food delighted her large family.

After being widowed in 1960, Serafina moved to the Chubut coast with her three daughters. It was there where, rooted in the area, she began to transform her culinary passion into her own venture. With ingredients obtained from the sea and the typical meats of the Patagonian plateau, the sisters put into practice their skill and unique style to make homemade preserves.

This is how a brand was born that quickly gained recognition for its marinades from Patagonia and its canned seafood, meat, fish and vegetables. Each product is carefully made in Trelew, and among its highlights are the mix of seafood, squid, silverside, mussels, prawns, scallops, mussels, octopus, pork leg, rabbit, chicken, capon and lamb. Each jar is a testament to the passion and culinary legacy of a family that has turned their art into a gift for lovers of good food.

Serajuana’s dedication to preserving the authentic flavors of the region and its commitment to quality have captivated the most demanding palates. Their participation in the Caminos y Sabores 2023 gastronomic fair promises to be a milestone, since visitors will be able to taste and purchase these Patagonian delicacies of family tradition.

Today, Serajuana is proud to keep Serafina’s heritage alive, carrying with her her love of cooking and her desire to share the unique flavors of Patagonia with the world. Do not miss the opportunity to discover homemade preserves at the Caminos y Sabores 2023 fair.

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