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Chinese supermarket, closed in the downtown area of ​​Roca

by drbyos

VSeveral neighbors residing in the downtown area of ​​Roca wondered about the reasons that led municipal officials to close the facilities of a Chinese supermarket located on Rodhe street between Córdoba and La Pampa.

Apparently the building complications that has the building where the El Dragón Supermarket is located -at 147 Rodhe street- are not new. The staff of the Inspection area of ​​the municipality had already detected a deterioration in the facilities as a result of a water ingress that affected a good part of the main hall some time ago.

But after the rains last week, the problems returned. A source from the commune confirmed that the problems have to do with “health, safety and hygiene.” And along these lines, he clarified that with the significant rainfall the gutter system was overwhelmed so the water entered the main hall without any type of containment.

“The sector of butcher shop, delicatessen and the entire electrical system. They already came with several minutes, so the Judge of Misdemeanors ordered the preventive closure on Monday », according to her, she revealed this afternoon.

Measure began to take effect at the beginning of the week and although at first the managers of the premises reported that the corresponding repairs had already been carried outthis noon the staff of the commune confirmed again that the corresponding work had not been carried out because they re-placed the closing strips at the access to the building.

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