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Children rescued in Colombia drew “Wilson”, the dog that rescued them and then got lost

by drbyos

The story of the children who survived more than 40 days in the Colombian jungle, after the crash of the plane in which they were traveling, continues adding new chapters. Now, its protagonists shared drawings of Wilson, the dog that allowed to find them and that today he is missing.

From the Military Hospital, located in the Chapinero neighborhood of Bogotá, where they are hospitalized, the little ones sent an emotional message to the soldier Cristian David Lara Cuarándog handler who was vital to his discovery.

Lesly Jacobombaire Mucutuy, 13 years old; and Soleiny Jacobombaire Mucutuy, 9, they made drawings of their stay in the jungle and remembered the canine in them: a six-year-old Belgian Malinois who is missing since wednesday june 7when he went in search of the little ones and did not return to his point of origin.

Wilson will continue to be wanted until his appearance.

This was revealed by the commander of the Military Forces, General Helder Giraldo, who dressed them on Sunday, June 11, to verify the condition of the children.

In the drawing made by Lesly, Wilson is seen next to a tree, while the sun illuminates the landscape, in which clouds and mountains can also be seen, as well as a river and some birds. Next to the dog you can see its name, with a black marker, on a canvas made on a notebook sheet, with which they wanted to cheer up the uniformed man.

For her part, Soleiny captured a Colombian flag, a flower, a sun and a dog, as well as a figure of a girl, who would represent her.. She drew attention to the drawing of him was the phrase always blessed (sic)”, which occupies a large part of the space used for its creation. In addition to some numbers, of which its meaning is not clear.

The little Colombians will remain hospitalized for 15 days.

The incessant search for Wilson, the dog that found children rescued from the jungle in Colombia

The Colombian Armed Forces assured that the work to find the “furry” does not stop. Until Wilson appears Operation Hope will be terminatedwhich for more than a month kept the country in suspense and which, in the midst of climatic difficulties, found the location of the Mucutuy brothers.

“Our premise as commands: Never abandon a fallen comrade on the field of combat. Operation Esperanza is advancing in search of our canine Wilson, who, tracking and in his eagerness to find the children, distances himself from the troops and gets lost,” they said.

In fact, it was known that Lara Cuarán -its manager- is still hospitalized in the bush with the intact faith of finding her four-legged friendwhom he raised since he was a puppy and, from whom, he has never been separated.

This is the first big test that their rescue work puts before them, so they will not rest until they can bring it back; what the ties that are generated with these binomials represent. According to what has been known, they have managed to see the dog, but he is disoriented, so it has been difficult to catch him.

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