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Chewelche, the band from Neuquén chosen by Ricardo Iorio for his national tour

by drbyos

patagonian metal, the Chewelche (wild people), power trio made up of Ariel Basualto (bass and vocals) and Juan Bruno Basualto (guitars), father and son, respectively; and Sebastián Figueroa (drums), received a proposal as unexpected as it was dreamed of: accompanying Ricardo Iorio on his next national tour.

in dialogue with BLACK RIVER JournalAriel Basualto, still excited, tells how the proposal came about and the details of the tour that will have them as protagonists together with the great reference of national heavy:

Q: How did you get the invitation?

R: In December of last year, we received this invitation to join the new phase of Ricardo Iorio. We still can’t believe it, very happy and grateful to Ricardo for the opportunity he gives us, being from so far away, Plaza Huincul, Cutral-Co, the interior of Neuquén. Undoubtedly, for me it is a triumph for metal and rock in the interior of the country and especially in Patagonia. Bands from the provinces have a hard time making us listen, but with perseverance, work, effort, really fighting for it, believing in what you do, sooner or later things pay off.

Chewelche is a family on guitar is my son, Juan Bruno Basualto, on drums my brother-in-law, Sebastián Figueroa, and I’m in charge of bass and vocals. As Ricardo wrote a few years ago in Hermética: “yesterday’s idiot dream comes true today.” Yesterday I wish, today reality…

Q: What is the relationship with Iorio?

R: I’ve been following him since 1992. I saw him with Hermética at Club Pacifico in Neuquén. At that time he formed Almafuerte, we followed him at Cipolletti 95, Roca 96, until he played in our city, Cutral Co, in 97 and invited us as a support band. So he took us to Buenos Aires the following year and we played at the Temple of Rock: Cement. From then on, he made Aonikenk (our band was called that at the time) play all over the country together with Almafuerte. Whenever we played with Aonikenk in Buenos Aires, he invited us to his shows to play or to see him, from time to time he called by phone “to see how we were doing”, until in 2019 we formed Chewelche and he takes us, as guests, to some of the shows for Haedo, in Buenos Aires; Comodoro Rivadavia, Santa Cruz and Bariloch.

The Chewelches. Ariel Basualto, Sebastian Figueroa and Juan Bruno Basualto.

Q: What will the tour be like?

R: Before starting the tour, there is a date on Saturday, July 8 in San Francisco (Córdoba). That date is made outside of the tour, it will be the rescheduling of the well-known date that was suspended in Rafaela and is organized by the same production company. I can tell you about some dates: Iorio’s new staff and technical team The tour officially begins on Saturday, July 22 (date 1 at the “Club Alemán” in Villa Ballester (Buenos Aires); date August 2 in the province of Neuquén; month of September (date 3) Trelew, Chubut Venues, ticket sales points, more information and other dates will be announced soon.

Q: How do they merge together with him?

R: We blend very well. We are seeing each other very often, he is happy to rehearse again. The first meetings as his new band were last year, in Mar del Plata, Viedma and Pigue, from time to time he comes to rehearse at my son-in-law’s house, where we have our living room.

We debuted live on February 19, 2023 in the city of Tornquist (Buenos Aires). After the show we continue to meet to rehearse, chat and exchange ideas. We travel to his house or he travels to ours. It’s a terrible joy every time we get together or talk on the phone. It is very positive for us to accompany him in this new stage, we are here to add and respond to what comes from now on with Iorio, there is much to do.

Q: As long as you had two albums, are you going for the third? In that case, what are you singing about now? what are the lyrics about?

R: For the third album we wrote several songs and we chose eleven, it’s going to be called “Sed de Resistencia”. It has the same fierce, rebellious message of the Chewelche principle, with a familiar essence. We talk about evictions in Patagonia and the usurpation of land. Also of the fires caused in those spaces, intentional, paid for those lands to be divided. You sing what you see, observing. “Thirst for Resistance” is going to be a little more seasoned than the previous ones.

Q: Do you keep the same desire as at the beginning?

R: Without a doubt, this is not a hobby: this is our way of life. Personally, I maintain the same desire as 33 years ago. Since I started walking this path of music, and especially of metal made on our soil, the same sensations that we felt yesterday when we went on stage are the ones we feel today.

Q: Will you present your own songs?

R: Ricardo proposed us to do some Chewelche theme throughout Iorio’s set throughout the tour, he will also sing a couple of lyrics that I composed in Aonikenk.

Q: How long will each show last?

R: The show is somewhat long, it will last almost two hours. We will go through a large part of Ricardo’s work with folkloric and tango metal themes, also on some dates there will be guests such as Carina the guitarist, Alfie and the young singer Maximilano Von.

The concert on July 22, which kicks off the tour, will be unforgettable. Especially since it will be our first tour with Ricardo, with an impressive staging, in terms of sound, video and lighting, which will perfectly complement Iorio’s musical power.

Q: What are you doing as a band right now?

R: Chewelche’s present today is divided between accompanying Ricardo Iorio in this new stage as a stable band and the composition of new material. We are rehearsing what will be this federal tour, we are also finishing polishing the songs for the new Chewelche album. We haven’t chosen the studio yet, we will surely record it at the beginning of next year because we are very busy and also very happy because we are living as a family with Ricardo, my son and my brother-in-law. Grateful to life and to God for this moment.

Tour «One More Stanza»

“A Few More Stanzas” is the name of Iorio’s federal tour in concert 2023. The only provinces where it will be presented in the remainder of the year, are part of a tour of the Argentine Republic that invites fans to plan a trip through the national territory. The provinces of Buenos Aires, Tucumán, Santa Fe, Chubut, Neuquén, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands are part of the presentation schedule. The second date will be in Neuquén, in August.

Chewelche in the networks

Instagram: @chewelche.gente.bravia.ok

Facebook: CheWelche – Bravía People 《Official》

YouTube: @CheWelcheGenteBravia-OFICIAL

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