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Chat GPT answered the question of what are the ideal jobs for each sign of the zodiac

by drbyos

The artificial intelligence It continues to cause people to talk, this time it went beyond academics and got fully involved in a subject that can question us: astrology.

This way, Chat GPT He answered through the analysis of astrology texts what would be the “ideal” jobs according to each zodiac sign:

– Aquarium: an air sign that is very well compatible with technology, science, innovation, social work, activism and creative market design.

– Fish: the water sign gets along very well with art, music, creative therapy, spirituality, humanitarian work and healthcare.

– Aries: The sign of fire is compatible with positions of leadership, entrepreneurship, the armed forces, sports, and emergency medicine.

– Taurus: an earth sign gets along well with jobs related to nature, gardening, gastronomy, accounting and finance.

– Gemini: the sign ruled by the planet of communication gets along well with positions related to journalism, sales, writing, marketing and public relations.

– Cancer: the sign that has a birthday this month is compatible with care tasks, attention to people, social work, psychology, gastronomy and teaching.

– Leo: According to the AI, this sign is compatible with acting, entertainment, team management, leadership, entrepreneurship and creative positions.

– Virgo: the methodical sign relates well to research tasks, data analysis, health sciences, administration, and technical writing.

– Libra: Balance rules in this sign, which is why it is well compatible with work in law, mediation, diplomacy, interior design, public relations and aesthetics.

– Scorpio: This sign is excellent with positions related to psychology, criminal investigation, investigative journalism and forensic work.

– Sagittarius: The other fire sign should look for jobs that relate to travel and tourism, philosophy, outdoor sports, education, and writing.

– Capricorn: A highly organized sign gets along well with finance, business administration, engineering and architecture, and event planning.

However, Chat GPT recognizes that each person is unique and you can find professional satisfaction in various fields that do not represent the recommendations according to your zodiac sign.

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