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César Sena would have broken and blamed two women for Cecilia’s femicide

by drbyos

César Sena would seek in the next few hours to testify before the prosecutors who are investigating the disappearance and femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowski and would have attributed the crime to her mother Marcela Acuña or Patricia Acuña, At the same time, his family prepares a strategy to get rid of the murder with the 19-year-old boy unimputable.

Sources of the investigation revealed to Argentine News that Seine He seeks to get rid of the murderbeyond the fact that he is marked as the author and the scratches on his neck severely complicate it.

«I was not there at that moment, but Cecilia was killed by my mother or Patricia»would have related the main suspect for the femicide.

In fact, that Friday, June 2, when Strzyzowski was last seen alive entering the house of Emerenciano Sena y Acuña with the defendant, there would be other vital details to support the statements of Cecilia’s partner.

Apparently, the video in question would not end there, but after the young couple arrived, Marcela Acuña, her husband, González and Gustavo Obregón also arrived at the place.

Therefore, Cecilia and César were not alone inside, but the rest joined and, for Justice, that was the scene of the crime.

This video, the full content of which was not disclosed by prosecutors Jorge Cáceres Olivera, Jorge Fernando Gómez and Nelia Velázquez, would support Sena Jr.’s claims, but would not exonerate him from the crime.

That June 2 in the afternoon, César Sena and Obregón left with garbage bags and loaded them into two cars, probably already with Cecilia murdered.

This hypothesis would fit perfectly with what they propose in the Prosecutor’s Office regarding a crime planned by a married couple contracted without the consent of Emerenciano and Acuña.

In fact, the latter would have offered the victim $400 thousand to sign the divorcesomething that she did not accept and provoked the fury of the piquetera.

Now, César Sena is expected to ask to be investigated, since, at first, he threatened to do so this Thursday, but in the end that did not happen.

The marriage made up of Emerenciano and Acuña would prepare a strategy to get rid of the factwhich would consist of blaming his son for everything, who says have schizophrenia and for which reason he will be treated in the next few hours by the Mental Health Area to verify whether or not he finally has the illness that he alleges.

If so, his parents’ strategy of blaming him absolutely for the femicide would be reinforced so that he is indictable for this psychiatric disorder.

In this sense, Juan Díaz, César Sena’s former lawyer, spoke to national media on Thursday and provided more information. As he explained, he believes that “César is the author” of the alleged femicide and affirmed that it is necessary to see “the degree of participation” of the rest of the accused.

The sources of the investigation suspect that Díaz could have said this in what is a strategy by Emerenciano and Marcela to advance this judicial planning.

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